The Unreached

Who are the unreached?

They are those who on any given day in their entire life, will not encounter the gospel of Jesus Christ. Why is this? Many reasons; some are in countries that are simply hostile to it, due to cultural and religious beliefs; some live in areas of the world that are difficult to get to, and so go unnoticed and without contact due to proximity. Overall, it is simply this – there is no one there. Let me say it again. There is no one there. No one to share the hope of the gospel. No one to tell them about Jesus; about a God who loves so deeply and unselfishly that he gave his life that we might have life abundantly in Heaven. These are the unreached. There are thousands of people groups in the world, to be clear about 16,000 different people groups. There are nearly 7,000 of these that are considered unreached.

So who will go? Who will count the cost and find Jesus worthy of leaving everything for the sake of the Kingdom? Who will bring the good news to these individuals? Will you?

There are many different resources on the web to find out more about the unreached. Here are a few that Dane and I found helpful:

The Joshua Project

Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM)

Operation World 


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