Our Story

Before we met, missions was on our hearts. We knew it was a possibility for both our futures, but to find someone who is so like-minded, and shares a heart for missions was no coincidence, it was the Lord. Dane and I met in college. I was working at a Rock wall, and he would come climb. We were also involved in the same campus ministry. It was through both these avenues that we were able to get to know each other.

Fast forward two years later, and we were married. The day, and this is no exaggeration, the day we got back from our honeymoon, our lives began a journey even these newlyweds were not prepared for. Our house was the “first house story” you hear about and think, “There’s no way that really happened.” Upon walking into our new home together for the first time, which we had all set up and ready to go for when we got back, we were greeted by the most aweful smell imaginable. That’s right, while away our neighbors above us had a clogged pipe, that burst, because as the bucket they had catching the leaking water filled, they poured it back into that same sink. (face palm slap) Genious. The result was a busted sewage line that flooded our cabinets, our dishes, our sink, our counter, and our kitchen floor. Awe.some. So we got to work, laughing it off in disbelief as we went.

And that was the start of our crumbling house, which by the time we moved out had three pipe leaks from above, two gaping holes in the ceiling, no overhead lighting, half our outlets not working, and not heat during the rare occasion that it actually froze in Texas during winter. Oh yea, we had that house. Coincidently, that was also the start of the Lord breaking down our expectations and plans for our life, and showing us something far greater. We were restless, not in our marriage, but in the sense that the Lord was stirring something in our hearts that were could not place.

We did a 30 day prayer challenge called, The Live Dead Journal. It was 30 days of extravagant time with the Lord, a 10% tithe of your time daily. Ever tried spending 2 1/2 hours of time in the Lord’s presence? Yea, not so easy. But so fulfilling. Dane and I made it a point to spend at least half of that time together each morning, seeking the Lord and praying over the Godly principles each day explained, as well as the unreached people group represented for each day (see The Unreached page). More than anything, we prayed over the restlessness in our hearts. We wanted clarification, we wanted direction.

It was at the close of the 30 day challenge, during our campus ministry’s worship service, that the Lord gave us that answer. Some missionaries to Somalia were speaking. They explained to us about the unreached, they shared with us their ministry, and their hearts, so exposed and so raw, and we saw the Lord’s heart in it. Dane and I went up to the altar at the close, and that’s when His Spirit fell on us. The answer was clear. He was sending us to the unreached. He was sending us to be bearers of His truth to those who have never heard, nor have the opportunity to hear, the gospel of Jesus. And our answer was unhesitatingly, “Yes, Lord.”



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