A bit of day-to-day

I bit of what we’ve been up to these days.

After making it through the summer rush from Humla, to HIP, and back to Humla again, we’ve had a bit of time to settle down in Kathmandu and enjoy just being here. Dane and I have continued our language classes and though some days we leave with a headache, and find it difficult to form sentences (in any language), we are enjoying the process and practice of learning Nepali.

We have recently hired a didi (Nepali for “older sister”, but also used in reference to a house maid). The idea of paying someone to come clean our house, though foreign to us and strange, ultimately makes life a lot easier here. Her name is Shanti, and she is a believer, which is an asset to us in understanding the culture. She only comes two days a week, but the amount of work around the house she is able to get done, as well as lending a hand watching Ransom, has freed our schedules significantly to be able to focus more attention on doing what we came here to do, build relationships. She also doesn’t speak English, so we have a wonderful opportunity to practice our Nepali, and have been surprised how fluid of a conversation we are able to have with her. Yay for progress!

I recently joined a running group. There are about 8 of us who consistently show (not always all at once), and we get together early Sunday mornings for a long trail run. It’s been a great way to meet new people and explore the area. I’m still adjusting to this hills (hello Texas!), but they offer some pure thigh burning  agony pleasure, with rewarding views at the top.






There's always a chiya break involved!

There’s always a chiya break involved!

Dane lent a helping hand coaching the swim team this summer for KISC (the international school nearby) and has really enjoyed being around a pool again.

Ransom has had a string of stomach issues, some gluten related, some virus related, but is back to his happy self. He talks up a storm these days and his vocabulary increases every day. So far his most used words are as follows:

“O-meal: – oatmeal
“mama” – usually in the form of “mamamamamamamama…”
“oh no”
“wooaaahh” – always long and drawn out like this
“ummy”- yummy
“uck” – duck
“qack” – quack
“mik” – milk

He repeats a lot of sounds and is processing everything he hears these days. It’s so fun to watch him grow and learn, and he is such a character, always happy to learn, and play, and laugh, and though rarer these days, still down for a good snuggle.

This Saturday I am running in the Kathmandu Marathon (only doing the half-marathon), representing a friends organization called “Run to Stop Child Trafficking,” to help raise awareness and promote the organization. Many people will be running or volunteering at water stations and cheering runners on. We are excited for the turnout!

The following morning we leave for Nepalgunj, headed to Humla once again. This trip will be shorter, only about 2 weeks, but we will be spending several days in a couple different villages. Please keep us in your prayers, especially concerning safe travels.


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