Humla Trek

Some images from our trek through the Humla district of Nepal. This is one of the highest districts in the country. Most of the people live between 10,000 and 16,000 ft elevation. We started in Simikot, where we flew in, and trekked on foot through several villages, topping out in elevation around 12,500 ft in the last village of Yari on this trip. Beyond Yari the pass was snowed over and impassible, so we are planning another trip for June/July in order to make it to the Tibetan border, and hopefully beyond that to other Tibetan villages.


Boarding the plane to Simikot in Nepalgunj

Boarding the plane to Simikot in Nepalgunj




Staying hydrated on the trail


We were told Ransom was the first baby they had seen any foreigner bring. Needless to say, he was quite the attraction. Everyone wanted to hold him!



Ransom making friends


Ransom with one of our guides, (Uncle) Tobden. One of the women gave Ransom some chocolate pudding. As you can see, he was quite the fan. Not sure he’ll be getting any more any time soon. Healthy mom wins out in this one.


Many of the children asked for chocolate, balloons, and pens. This particular girl wanted a notebook. We gave them chewing gum for lack of other items. While giving the morning devotional that day, they sat behind me and braided my hair. We’ll bring things to give to the children on our next trip.


We tented on the rooftops in Yari. It snowed the first night we were there, and the views were breathtaking.


Beans being dried on one of the roofs. Staple protein out in Humla. We got excited when eggs were available.


There is a Buddhist monastery in Yalbang, with about 200 students. These were some of the children there.


Laundry time. Enjoying the sun and dipping our feet in the mountain stream. Cleaning diapers was a daily activity on the trail. We often hung them over our packs to dry while trekking.


Happy little trekker



Tilling the ground in Muchu to plant potatoes.



2 thoughts on “Humla Trek

  1. wow! these pictures! this journey! i really have no words. absolutely incredible. thank you so much for sharing this. in response to your FB post, YES! i think i would love it there too. i hope the altitude wasn’t too hard on you guys – those elevations are no joke!

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