On Gratitude

Recently arriving home from our trek in Humla, it comes to my attention certain things for which I find myself most ardently grateful for. They proceed as follows, strictly in relation to our life here in Nepal:

1. Toilets. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, why toilets? Let me tell you, after spending two weeks in the mountains, where toilets are seldom found, and if you should be fortunate enough to find yourself in a village where one is available, it is most likely what we affectionately refer to as a “squatty potty,” then most certainly you will be elated to find yourself once more able to access a “western toilet.” There is nothing quite so luxurious as being able to sit to use the bathroom.

2. Fresh air. In contrast to my previous example, finding yourself back in a big city such as Kathmandu makes you instantly thankful for breathable air. While the city offers its luxuries and certain comfortable commodities, I have to say that when it comes to fresh air, there is no substitute for high, crisp, clean, mountain air.

3. Hot water. I have no qualms about going weeks without a proper shower. I rather enjoy the rough mountain life, but after washing your hair in water so cold that it actually feels worse each time you have to rinse, rather than your body simply adjusting to it, you begin to dream of the day you will once again be able to step into a hot shower, warm your bones, and wash away the weeks of grime you have so diligently worked to build up. You come out feeling like a whole new person.

4. Coffee. One of my great “loves.” Rather difficult to come by in the mountains here. The best we were able to stumble upon was instant coffee, which as any true coffee lover knows is more of an insult to coffee, but, when you’re desperate, you have them mix it with milk and drink it anyway. We mostly stuck with the tea.

5. Internet. I’m not one who is typically tied closely to social media. You’ll find simply by following my blog that I am not the most diligent at updating. I prefer live interaction, being out in the world. But, being so far away from family, I am grateful for technology allowing me to contact family back home, and see new nephews, and amazing sisters, and faithful friends that I dearly miss.


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