I’m posting this one a little late, but we had some pretty great pictures of our little man on his first Halloween. Admittedly, we aren’t really big on celebrating Halloween. More than anything, my sisters and I use it as an excuse to dress our kids up in cute costumes (I mean, what parent wouldn’t take advantage of this?!) and get together for an evening to hang out and enjoy some family time. In the past we have gone to Austin, but since my sister now lives close to us, we went to her house and stayed local this year for Ransom’s first Halloween. It was fun. We walked around 1 street with our boy and his cousin, Grayson.  Since we weren’t collecting candy for Ransom, he hung out in the wagon while my sister and brother-in-law took Grayson door to door.

This year, Grayson went as Linus, complete with his blue blanket trailing behind him, Nick was Charlie Brown, and Michelle went as the Great Pumpkin because of her prego belly. So cute!


Grayson, holding his pal snoopy as Linus. His blanket is missing in this photo, but he looked just like the character. Presh!


A while ago I saw a post on pinterest of a homemade Ewok costume. Let’s just put it out there, Dane and I are…nerds. So yes, we dressed our kid up as an Ewok. I couldn’t wait to make this costume once I saw it and knew immediately that this was going to be perfect for his first Halloween. It was super easy to make too. We found a really inexpensive teddy bear costume online, and I used one of Dane’s old t-shirts to create the hood. That’s it!







I still can’t get over how cute he is! He wore that costume for 45 mins tops, but it was worth it for the pictures we got to take.


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