Oregon. I. Love. Oregon. And Oregon in the fall? Did I mention they have a fall? The colors of the trees, the cool brisk air, the mountains, pretty much every reason I like the outdoors, all compiled into one singular location. Dane and I had such a good time. We were extremely blessed by our friends Dan and Kara, who own the Inn that we stayed at in Ashland. I’ve never felt so pampered in my life. Our room was huge, complete with an incredible fireplace (which we used every day because it was actually cold there at night), and the food was incredible. I’m pretty sure breakfast was the highlight of our mornings. So this was a good trial run for flying with Ransom. Admittedly, the idea of flying with a baby had me a little worried. Scenarios played through my mind of what could possibly happen. Apologies having to be made for having “that baby” on the plane, the dirty looks from nearby passengers wondering how in the heck they ended up next to the family with the wailing child. Fortunately, none of those apologies had to be made. Did he fuss a little? Of course, he’s a baby. But for the most part he slept, or kept himself entertained by all the people who he seemed to think were there just for him. Whew!




We had a great time walking around the town, which has lots of fun shops. We particularly enjoyed the variety of children’s boutiques and outdoor clothing/gear shops. We snagged Ransom a cute hat, and these sweet shades which he wore for approximately 15 minutes before he decided burying his face in my chest was a much better method for keeping out the sun.



Dan and Kara took some time out of their busy schedules running the Inn to take us for a hike up Grizzly Peak. The weather was perfect that day and it was so nice to get outside and under the trees. The summit had some incredible views of Ashland down below, and we had a pretty great view of Mt. Shasta as well.











Ransom was so wide eyed on the hike (when he wasn’t sleeping). He stared up at the trees and looked all around with such wonder in his eyes, occasionally glancing up at me with a huge grin on his face. The grounds at the Inn were beautiful too and we had some time to sit and enjoy just being outside.






More than anything we were so grateful for a chance to rest, and reconnect as a family, as well as with the Lord. I know it seems funny saying that since we are in the midst of raising support to do missions, but with all the focus on raising support, among other things we needed some time to reconnect with the One we are doing all this for. We left Oregon feeling more on the same page with each other, but more importantly, feeling spiritually refreshed from the time we were given in this beautiful place, by even more beautiful people. Dan and Kara have been such a blessing to our family, and ministered to our hearts in such a special way during our time there.

On a last random note, Reese Witherspoon was filming for a new movie in Ashland (no we did not see her), and we were able to see the crew setting up while walking through town. They spent a whole day painting a VW van, “aging” tents, and putting up time period appropriate band flyers ( it’s apparently set in the 70s). Pretty cool.


3 thoughts on “Oregon

  1. I’m hoping to get to Oregon soon! My husband and I are thinking about moving there and your pictures are giving us many more reasons why we should put it a the top of our list. 🙂

    • Oh you will love it! We enjoyed it so much. I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been to get to see the coast while we were there. Still satisfied without it though.

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