2 Months!

2 months

He’s 2 months old! Holy cow! It is crazy to think that much time has gone by already, and he has changed so much from day one until now.

Ransom 3 days old






Ransom, baby boy, you are a constant joy in our lives. We can’t imagine not waking up each morning to your smiling face.

This month you:

– Smile at everyone, and love being the center of attention, though you make it hard to catch those sweet smiles on camera.

– Move, move, move! Those legs never stop and they’re so strong. You like it when we hold you up so you can stand, and you bounce and kick and wiggle all the time.

–  Found your hands. You’re favorite place to put them? Your mouth. We hear you slurping away on them when you are in your crib or your swing.

– Started really “talking” to us. Especially in the morning. It is the sweetest thing to wake up to you smiling and cooing. If you could form the words you would.

– Are so expressive! You have the best faces! They make us laugh and our hearts melt.

We love you little one!


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