Maternity Pics

We were fortunate enough to have a good friend of ours do some maternity photos (for free!) a little while ago. I’m so excited about these pictures! Lord knows, I am the worst at documenting memorable events. Chalk it up to my lacking in the sentimentality department. I’ve never really been one to hang on to things, much less think to document things like, oh I don’t know, my first pregnancy, by taking pictures along the way, so it was a really big deal to me to have these pictures taken so I can look back on my pregnancy with our son.

My due date is now 4 weeks away to the day, and in reality he could decide to show up any day now. I’m so anxious to hold him in my arms. We have all his stuff set up or put away and every time I look at all his little clothes, my heart just melts. Can he just be here already?!

So, until we get to meet our little man, and introduce him to you all, here is a post to hold you over until he’s here.












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