Guess what we’re having!

So…what you’ve all been waiting for! Fortunately we aren’t making you wait long, but I’m sure you are dying to know what it is, right? Believe me, we have been itching to find out since we found out we were having a baby. Can you believe how happy we were to get to find out early? Well, since you’re dying to know…

That’s right! And we are beyond excited. We went in for a free ultrasound at the Pregnancy Care Center where I used to work yesterday since their nurse is doing her training. We weren’t even expecting to find out then, but she and the other nurse did a little searching and well…there he was, loud and proud! He kept wiggling around so it was hard to see at first (and this was the best picture we could get!). My eyes lit up when she finally found his little tush and I started laughing and said, “Wait, was that what I think it was?” Sure enough, he was flashing the goods! No shame at all!

Here’s our baby boy, 16wks and 1 day, happy and healthy. 5 more months to go and Dane and I get to meet our little man! And yes, we already have a name picked out, but I”ll leave that for another post ;).

We are so excited for you baby boy! I can’t wait to see what you look like, and hold you, and watch you grow. And I can’t believe how blessed we are to take you to be  a part of this next adventure we are embarking on, and to get to teach you the things of the Lord. You are an amazing gift that God has given us, at just the right time, with an incredible purpose for His Kingdom. We love you so, so much!


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