No power? No problem!

So rainy days here in lil’ ole’ Huntsville, Texas brought an unexpected day with no power. There I was, in the steamy warmth of my shower when, lo and behold, the lights went out. No worries! We have a gas water heater. However, when getting ready for work and one finds themselves without power, it’s very difficult to do anything beyond dry off and get dressed. I was just in the middle of contemplating putting my make-up on in the dark, when my husband called.

As it turns out, the entire town was shut down, and he needed a ride home from work. In brief summary for explanatory purposes, we have recently had the misfortune of having both vehicles break down, leaving us with Dane’s father’s old car to use in the meantime. Dane has been riding his bike to work most days, but with the rain, it’s not the most pleasant, nor the safest means of travel.

So, I gathered my things, thinking I’ll tough out the day without make-up and let my hair dry naturally. Not ideal, but it would suffice. On my way I called the office to inform them I would be a little late because of wifely duties (i.e. picking up the husband) only to be informed the power was out and I should stay home until further notice.

Which led to this!


Thankfully Dane and I are outdoor enthusiasts who have enough equipment for just about any situation. We really wanted coffee. French press for the win!

We also decided it was a good opportunity for a a few good games of Bananagrams and Farkle. I love rain days!


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