another one bites the dust…

Dane and I had some friends staying with us this week/weekend. We technically just left them our house for their use while we went to a wedding this weekend for another friend of ours. They were missionaries in town to speak at XA, as well as some other churches in the surrounding area so it worked out that we were able to offer our home for their use. Thursday evening through Friday we enjoyed getting to spend time with them and talk about literature, and the Lord, and things of the like, and then we were off to Tomball to celebrate the marriage of two of our good friends.

I spent all of Saturday sick, missing out on the wedding rehearsal festivities but catching up on some much needed rest. During the weekend we received a text from our friends informing us that they had arrived back at the house to find that a huge branch had fallen right in front of our porch. Of course our first concern was the damage. There was none so no big deal we thought, we’ll take care of it when we get home.

Sunday night we came home to this: (the pictures I took this morning when we could see it more clearly)


Notice that this is quite literally half of our tree. This branch also hung over our house providing most of the shade. We have no clue how it missed the house.





Needless to say, we are extremely grateful no one was injured and there were no damages to the house. We’ve called our landlord to get some one to cut the tree down. It died this year due to the drought so it’s been only a matter of time before something like this happened. Thankfully God had his hand on our home. Thank you Jesus!



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