Discipleship is an interesting thing. I have no doubt that the Lord places certain people in our lives for a reason, that is never in question. I find that in any situation the question is never pointed to the act, but rather the reason.

I love my small group. Every year it changes a little as girls come and go. Some have been around for a time, and great friendships are formed as we grow together in the Lord. Over time we’ve wrestled through things and our friendship has been tested, growing ever stronger. These are girls I come to count as true sisters. Some lead small groups of their own, and I can rejoice in the work of the Lord in and through them.

There are also those who after a time seem to fade away. It really is like fishing. You may have hooked them but don’t expect them to come without a fight. The struggle is long and tiresome. Some you manage to get into the boat, and every now and then there’s one too strong for the line – it breaks free and is lost to the sea.

My heart breaks for those girls: the “almosts”. For a moment I can see a glimmer under the surface. They may even break through for a second or two, just to dive down deep again, endlessly struggling to break free. If only they could see that true life is on the other side of the waves.

In most cases, it seems the Lord doesn’t bring these girls into my life for their benefit, but for mine. I learn far more from them then I feel I may ever teach them.


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