Busy, Busy

The past two weeks have been ridiculous. We had so much going on here that I haven’t had time to update so I’m going to cover everything in one post. Bear with me friends!

So, first of all we had Breakaway! It’s always such a fun time for us because our brothers and sisters from other universities come for the weekend to worship the Lord all together. We had about 400 students alone from UofH, UTSA, A&M Galveston, Lamar and Rice University all with us in Huntsville. It’s like one big family reunion! Not only that but the Thursday before Breakaway weekend, we had the privilege of hearing a missionary from Africa bring the word. He really challenged a lot of hearts to wholly surrender, to be willing to sacrifice their lives for the kingdom, and to live in a manner in which we will “make much of God”. It was very moving and heart felt, and amazing to see the response of students ready to lay down their lives in order to serve the King. No more selfish ambition, just willing hearts longing to show others how to adore our Lord Jesus. This was a big deal for Dane and I that this particular missionary was here because we have been in contact with him about the possibility of serving in North Africa, and Friday we were able to meet with him. What an amazing time. He shared a lot with us about what it would be like there, and mostly gave us guidance in seeking the Lord as to where we He wants us to go, all of which was both helpful and encouraging. Before we left he and the two men with him prayed over us and can I just say, wow. The presence of the Lord was so thick in that room! What Godly men; truly a privilege to spend time with some of God’s generals.

Last Friday evening was also the kick off for Breakaway. Most of the week was spent running around like crazy preparing the house and helping my girls get registered and ready for the weekend. Thursday night, along with this particular missionary, were others who spoke briefly about where they serve and the type of ministry they do, seeking people to come and serve alongside them. One of them stayed with us that night, a man who is serving in Kenya ministering to the Somali people. He had the good fortune of getting the host family in charge of the breakaway shirts. We were as quiet as possible as not to disturb him, but we did stay up most of the night to print them all. We managed to finish the fronts only that night and had to finish the backs the next day, which we did with the help of our good friend Dryden, just in time for the first session that evening. He and I chatted for a while that morning before I headed to work and he had to leave. I love hearing what the Lord is doing through these missionaries in other parts of the world. He also gave us a bag of Kenyan coffee which I must say is nothing short of amazing. He warned us we would get hooked. I think it was a ploy to get us to serve with him in Kenya.

So the weekend was fantastic! We had Winkie Pratney with us! For those of you who don’t know how big of a deal that is, it’s a really big stinkin deal! You can check out his website here. I had such a good time hanging out with my small group girls. I love these girls so much. Each one of them has such a hunger for relationship with Jesus, and it’s such a beautiful thing to grow alongside them. I’m so grateful for the fellowship we had over the weekend!

Moving on, after Breakaway I took the day off to get the house back in order and catch up on some much needed rest before heading to…Florida! That’s right, I’ve wasted no time these past two weeks. I went with a coworker to the CareNet conference, held at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando, FL. It was incredible. More impressive than the hotel (which has to be THE nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed in), was the gathering of men and women from across the nation, as well as some from overseas, all gathered together for the purpose of putting an end to abortion. These men and women represented Pregnancy Care Centers from all over, who are committed to saving lives in their communities, and preaching the gospel, preaching life. I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.

Now life is going back to normal, and I can slow my pace (slightly anyway) to it’s regular speed. Time has gone by so fast, but I am so thankful that while there are times where ministry is busy and full, God also provides time for rest. Thank you Jesus for the privilege of fighting for your Kingdom!


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