Most who keep up with this blog know Dane and I have our hearts set on missions. With all that the Lord took us through last year, from the wrestlings to the distinct moment where the Lord confirmed our call to the unreached, there’s been a lot of changes in our lives.

I will never forget the moment the Lord called us, being on my knees down at the alter of the church, still wrestling with what God wanted from us, still seeking answers, aching from the restlessness in my heart for more of…something, and then peace, perfect peace,clarity, understanding, brokenness…and I just wept. It was as if everything that had been surging inside me just stopped, or froze in mid-air, or vanished altogether and all that stood in its place was the unmistakable presence of God…and he had answered me. I cried out of joy, out of gratitude, and because after all that time and all my seeking, sitting in the presence of the Lord it was the most appropriate response.

I need to remember that moment. One day I will look back upon it and find myself in the place that honors that call, or wondering why I haven’t answered it yet.

Each day brings us a step closer to moving on toward that call, toward a people who are still waiting to hear the good news that Jesus has risen. I can’t help but run toward that goal, but I know the Lord will get us there, and His timing is always perfect.

We recently spoke with a couple serving the kingdom in Asia. We felt so encouraged after speaking with them. This week we will speak with another missionary about possibilities of serving in North/East Africa. We are in prayer constantly over this, but we were given some advice that gave us such great peace and comfort: that regardless of where we go, if we are reaching the unreached, then we are still within the will of God for that is our call. Thank you Jesus for speaking to us when we need to hear your voice.


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