Ready, set…


This week officially starts another year of ministry at Sam Houston. With the XA leader’s retreat this week, and dorm move-ins on Saturday, it all starts…tomorrow.

Where does the time go? Regardless, Dane and I have been enjoying Huntsville without the college traffic. It is an entirely different place over the summer, and while I enjoy the lack of traffic, the shorter lines in the grocery store, the fewer bodies present in our little movie theater here, and being able to find available seats in Starbucks when we want to get out and do some reading (home has too many distractions), I admit that I have missed being in the thick of it.

Friends that have been away on mission trips, or off support raising for the internship with XA this year are back. While reading at Starbucks last night we ran into many of our dearest friends, people we think of as brothers and sisters, and the conversations made this place feel like home. More and more of our friends are graduating and leaving to pursue careers or missions, but a good amount are still in the battle with us. At some point we’ve become the “old people” in the ministry. We still have our own small groups, but it is amazing how few people we know each year.

Last year Dane and I played a 30 minute set at a coffee house thrown by the BSM (it’s a fundraiser for missions, as well as a sweet place to hangout with sweet music and good coffee put on by the Baptist Student Ministry), and afterwards we found ourselves in a conversation with two freshman who had “heard a lot about us” and one of which had recently “looked at our wedding pictures on facebook.” Both weird and humbling to know that our lives are having such an impact on people we don’t even know. God is doing so much more than we can imagine.

So in light of the coming year, we’ve found ourselves seeking the Lord more and more, all to aware that we aren’t nearly as prepared as we could/should be before this ball gets rolling. I mean, there is NO stopping this train once it gets going.

Tomorrow we gather together as leaders to seek the Lord, and to ready our hearts and our minds for the battle that lies before us. Friday I hope to leave unified for the singular goal of winning souls to Christ this year. Saturday, it all begins.

Lord, cultivate the soil. Churn up a desire for You in the hearts of these students, and equip us to carry out your will on this campus. Amen.



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