Dane goes to the doctor

We had quite the adventure this week. 2 days ago I got a call from Dane, who an hour earlier had left to go feed some animals for a man he works for. They have 7 cats, 1 very old dog affectionately referred to as “smokey”, 2 goats, and an emu. That’s right, and emu.

The call went something like this:

Me: “Hey my love are you on your way home?”

Dane: “Yea, I just left. Listen I cut my arm pretty bad. I’m okay but…”

Me: “Wait, what? What do you mean pretty bad?”

Dane: “Well it’s a pretty bad gash. Actually it’s pretty deep. I took my shirt off and wrapped it around my arm. I think I might need stitches but I’m not sure. We’ll probably have to go to the emergency room.”

Me: “Ok…well let me get ready and I’ll meet you outside.”

Yes, he drove home with a shirt wrapped around his bicep to stop the bleeding. This is the man I married. I’m quite impressed.

So on our way to the emergency room, the story is revealed. While feeding the emu, he tripped on his way to turn off the water spigot which, for whatever strange and ludicrous reason was covered in long rusty barbs, and cut his arm on said tetanus trap.

If only it had been far more daring of a story like, he was fending off a raging bull, narrowly escaping with a mere gash on his arm! Alas, it was not so. Regardless he took it like a champ.

What hurt most were the shots. After a few hours in the emergency room, he’s good as new with 10 stitches. We realized after our good friend Tyler pointed it out that it’s shaped like a handgun. Haha, a gun on his guns. I’d like a ticket to that gunshow!

He was this relaxed until the antibiotics shot in the tookus.

And still smiling after the shot. That’s my man.

I’ll try to remember to add a picture of the pistol-shaped stitches!


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