I’ve tried this before…

Well let’s face it, this is not my first attempt at blogging, so this time I refuse to refer to it as such. Instead, I am merely journaling. I do that anyway so this will save me the paper, but knowing me I’ll still use the notebooks anyway.

I’m not like my sister Meghann, who has the knack for interesting posts about daily life, not to mention my beautiful niece, Avery. My sister Michelle has tried her hand at this and came out just as “successful” as me. After about 2 months the posts became few and far between, ultimately ceasing altogether. Womp, womp.

So, that being said, I’ll start with this – why try again? Simply put, my wonderful husband Dane and I have been called to the mission field. Specifically the unreached. The Lord has laid such a heavy burden on our hearts to bring the gospel of Jesus to those who’ve never heard it. It is still a new calling. We’ve always felt a pull toward missions. There have been trips here and there, and this dream of “someday, maybe if we’re lucky”, we’ll go overseas. As it turns out that dream will soon be a reality. I use the term “soon” loosely…

Where to? I wish we knew. The Lord was clear about unreached. We trust that He’ll be just as clear as to where as He was the first time, so we press on. There is much preparation to be made and work to be done here. After all, our mission field is where our feet are planted, and for now that means cultivating the soil and sowing seeds here in Huntsville, TX.


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